Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunny days

So yea.. To all my Missouri blog readers... It was over 90 degrees
here yesterday, and it's in the upper 60s today and sunny after a cold
front that came through last night... So haha!!! Actually I miss the
snow.. Hope it lasts 3 or 4 days!! Then I'll get to see it! :) it
NEVER EVER snows in San antonio!! LOL

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dogs can grow beards all over..

Well, I'm glad to announce that my army training has finally come to a
close! :-) after 16 weeks of high-speed and not so easy training I'm
finally a member of some of the worlds toughest medical professionals:
an army combat medic. With less than 5 days between me and going home,
I'm pretty happy!! All that remains is cleaning, turning in TA-50,
graduation practice, and packing to go home! To all my dear and
wonderful friends reading this, I thank you for your prayers, without
you I don't know if I could've made it. Although without experiencing
what a soldier goes through none of you will ever understand our
lives, I still thank you for supporting and encouraging us as we serve
our nation and families. I will never be the same after the hell on
earth I've been through. Some for the better, some for the worse, I'm
a changed man. There is little room for the child in me as I see the
seriousness of the real world as we live in. I no longer can talk
about what I'll do when I grow up. I'm already there.. And that's a
scary thought as I plan out the next few years. God has stayed at my
side through it all though, and I know that's not about to change.
When I get home I'm planning to get a temporary job working on an
ambulance until I head off either to combat, or college. There's no
question that I'm going to do both, the question is which will come
first.. Regardless, I have a lot of work to do to get ready for my
future, mostly in the next six months. As my family prepares to
possibly move to Korea Germany or Italy in the next year or so that's
yet another reminder that I truly am a self-sufficient adult and I
won't always have somebody to pick up after my mistakes..
Anyway, that's my update, hope you enjoy..

Oh and btw the picture is something I made in my spare time.. I've
started to do a bit of graphic design on the side as my hobby. Perhaps
I can incorporate it into my love for photography and get a few extra
bucks while I work through college.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Praying For You

Father, I'm prayin' for a friend he and I are pretty close, and out of all my friends for this one I'm concerned the most. He say he readin' daily but he ain't really learnin'.He been in church but say that he ain't moved by any sermon. His face weak, he ain't prayed in a week, he wake up and just weep with his face in the sink Lord, you gotta help my man, I'm prayin' for him daily, he ain't sinned but it just seem as if he goin' crazy. He say he feelin' trapped, can't even head up the mall coz every lady's half-dressed temptin' him to lust and fall. He keep the TV off, videos just make him feel that he ain't really nothin' without money, girls and shiny wheels. The other day he told me that he felt less a man coz he ain't have a five-year plan or a piece of land and man it's crazy coz his family think so much of him, plus he wants a godly wife who always showin' love for him but he's strugglin', even though he talk to me, I tell him what to do but he don't listen when he oughta' be. I'm scared for him coz there's people that look up to him, he got some younger siblings who been changed by what he's done for them but is it done for him, Lord don't let it be, if he don't wanna talk to you then Father hear from me, is it done for him, Lord don't let it be, if he don't wanna talk to you then Father hear from me...

Yeah, I'm prayin' for you, yeah, I'm prayin' for you
Yeah, I'm prayin' for you, yeah, yeah, I'm prayin' for you...

God, his condition is worsen since we were last conversed and I'm with him now and he ain't doin' well and this I'm certain. He say he tryna' trust you, doesn't wanna disgust you but he was in the mist of sinners and did not discuss you and just today his anxiety's got the best of him, he knows Christ but for hours refuse to rest in Him, he's not the best of men but Lord I know he really loves you and I can't understand why lately he's not thinkin' of you. People trust this dude, you could crush this dude, Father he needs more of you I pray you touch this dude, what can I say to him? I'm determined to pray for him Father empty and brake him I pray you'll just have your way with him, coz there's a change in him and the effects are strong, I pray you open up his heart before the next song and when he gets home, I pray he'll open up the sixty-six book love letter you wrote and soak it up coz he ain't hearin' You and he ain't feelin' me and God I know it's killin' You because it's killin' me and matter of fact there's somethin' else he's concealin' see, the person that I've been prayin' about is really me...

Yeah, I'm prayin' for you, yeah, I'm prayin' for you
Yeah, I'm prayin' for you, yeah, yeah, I'm prayin' for you...

Yea... This song probably defines my life right now..
Blessings, Matthew Beaty, Praying for you. :)

Another day another dollar..

Hey Everybody, 
I'm sure some of you are wondering how I'm doing.. Well, I've been better, but I've also been worse.. the days seem to creep by slower each day closer to graduation I get.. I wish I were allowed to have a camera with me during training hours, because we've done some pretty cool stuff! I think my favorite training so far is blood labs. The first rule of blood labs is "don't talk about blood labs" (which if you haven't seen "fight club" you won't know where that is from) but since none of you are medics in training it's ok ;) It's a big room, where the only light is different colored strobe lights flashing like crazy all over so it's really hard to see, and then they have german hard rock/metal (Rammstein) playing SUPER loud, and then they have these cool $20,000 manikins that breath, scream, have pulses, move... all that jazz... ;) there's fake blood all over them, and all over the place, and an instructor randomly walks around with a spray bottle full of it spraying you if you aren't controlling the bleeding. It was a huge adrenaline rush going in there. Plus I like Rammstein, so instead of distracting me like it's supposed to, it pumped me up. This coming week we're going to FTX (field training exercise) so I'll be out of comm until next tuesday or so. (No phones or electronics of any kind) it's going to be fun though ;) After that, I'm done training, and all that's left is getting ready to go home!! 
I need some stuff to take pictures of! But the only places I've really been here are kinda boring.. I mean who takes pictures at the mall unless you're with good friends?? I mean the Hacienda club across the street is kinda fun, but the only time we ever go there is after dark, and then we go outside and the only light is from all the strobe lights, and it's loud from the jukebox :) so yea, it's fun to dance out there, but unlike line dancing, there's not any kind of lighting for pictures!! lol 
My flag :) 

So anyway, this morning was a really great time for me. Most wouldn't understand, but those who do know what I'm talking about ;) 
Well, today I'm going to do some shopping to get all the stuff that I need for the FTX week, so I guess I'm going to go.. plus I'm talking to some friends on the phone right now.. (love you Hamachers) :) 
Anyway, God Bless you all, I'll work on finding some more stuff to take pictures of before I leave!! Have a great week!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Life.. LOL

Well, I really can't say I have a lot that I have to talk about on
here.. A lot of personal stuff both good and bad, but otherwise all I
have is the day in-day out routine.. I am excited about 17 days left
though!!! :) it seems like such a long time, and yet so soon all at
once!! LOL I'm MOS qualified, so basically I can't fail out of the
course any more :) i'm officially a medic now :)
Anyway, I'll try to work on getting more up soon, but until then,
peace out home dawgs!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Video time! Drunk people are awesome.. :)

I edited the "words" out of this, so that's why it will have weird sounds in it.. lol
It kinda sucks that people have to cuss so much, for one thing it makes editing a pain!!!! :p Anyway, I'm keeping busy with training, and having some fun :) I've been doing a little more with people lately.. shopping, restaurants, riverwalk etc. Also been doing a little more bible study, praying and reading stuff.. watched a few good movies, and caught up on some much-needed sleep!!!
Anyway, as I get closer to finishing up my training and head home, I open up a new world of opportunities for the years ahead.. my choices are limitless, but I have to pick the right one.. I hate it when that happens... I guess though whenever tough decisions come up I always like it, because I see them as a challenge and know that through Christ I will always make the right choice no matter how much Satan wants to entice me to choose otherwise.
Well, hope you like the video!! The others were even funnier, but I didn't want to edit all the words out of a 15 minute vid...
God Bless!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well a little training update on me: the next two weeks we have M-16's
which means we can't do much.. We're doing STX (situational training
excercise) after that we have a week in the field, a week of prep/
cleaning, and then graduation and off to fort living room, where I
will be stationed until I deploy overseas. March 3 is looking better
and better every day! 27 short days! (or long ones rather..) anyway,
I'm doing well.. Hopefully I'll get enough time this weekend to go see
"Taken" which sounds really good :)

Well here's some of my gear.. This alone weighs nearly 40 pounds, plus
a 30 pound aid bag.. It's a lot to wear all day.. God bless! Ttyl