Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Testing again..


Well I'm messing around with my iPhone seeing how easy it is to post to my blog. other than posting pictures so far it seems pretty easy.. I'm going to try working on that one next, because so far that's the only thing I have not been able to do online with my iPhone that I could with a regular computer.

Taken by my iphone after dark in dim lighting.. not bad for a cell phone..

Well, I don't have much to put up, but I thought I'd let everybody know that I'm doing well, and so far I've been doing ok in class.. I got an iphone this past weekend, because my RAZR was starting to get old and randomly shut off and drop calls or not even turn on without a ton of playing around with it. I LOVE the iphone!! the internet browser in my pocket everywhere I go is awesome, and the gps is pretty sweet!! I've already got like 30 applications downloaded onto it, because it has a lot of free and inexpensive software using the gps and internet that make it a very useful tool.. plus with 16gb of hard drive space, I've got a lot of music and movies on there too :) So anyway, that was pretty exciting for me, since I've wanted an iphone for a LONG time!!

For some reason recently I've been kinda depressed and gloomy.. maybe it's just because the stuff I have to live with every day is starting to get old, along with not having seen all the people I know and love back home for several months.. whatever the case, I can't wait to come home for a little break from it all here in a couple weeks.. :) :)

Anyway, I've got to get going and get some supper real quick, so I'd better go! God Bless!!!]