Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crazy people + wal-mart + eggs = FUN TIMES!

Ok, so you're probably really wondering what on earth this post is about. Well, tonight after youth group, Ben Stickler made a bet with Colin Welshymer- Ben will give Colin $20 if Ben can smash three eggs in Colin's hair. Of course Colin went for it. So, we all went over to wal-mart (well, almost all.. Ashley and Josh had to go home I guess.. we missed you guys terribly.. it was a lot of fun!) So, Ben went in and got the eggs.. smashes one egg on Colin... smashes another egg on Colin... then yells "ok, we're done, and runs off.. :) (He said he would pay $20 to smash THREE eggs.. hehe) I tried taking a video with my cell phone, but it was really dark where we were.. :(

Sorry it's so dark.. and my laughing sounds horrible.. I guess since I had the phone right next to my face or something.. lol

Ok, this is pretty funny actually.. Ben and Colin went in to clean off the egg on their hands, but thte men's restroom was closed for cleaning, so Colin's little sister went and made sure nobdy was using the ladies bathroom, and they used that one.. I told her that this would go
on my blog, and she just rolled her eyes and walked off.. so she didn't say not to! lol

Afterwards, we all hung out in the parking lot for about an hour.. well.. Ben and Brett had to leave pretty soon after... but the rest of us hung out and listened to music, and went and got random things from wal-mart.. and then ate some of the random gum and candy from wal-mart.. and then colin and one of the other guys did some skateboarding.. :)

So, it was pretty fun actually.. since Brandon said it was better than old youth group, and he doesn't usually like the random hanging out stuff.. it must have really been fun! lol

Well, that's it for now.. tomorrow I have to go do some bushogging for a guy, then Friday and Saturday I have to be on staff for the big rodeo. So.. lots of stuff going on!

Hopefully the third day farm will be doing their annual haying soon... apparently I'm just not in the loop or something.. but it seems like everybody else other than me knows when it's supposed to be... oh well.. they told me this evening, but... anyway.. that was random.. lol

So, until next time.. adios! It will probably be a few days until I can post again since I'll be so busy, but I will try to soon! I'll probably get a few pix from the rodeo :D