Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hi guys.. Sorry I have not been able to update my blog, but my training has kept me very busy, and I can't really get online much.. When I get my iphone in a couple weeks or so I will be able to get on a lot more, but until then I'm pretty much limited to cell phone.. I don't really have any pix to share yet.. my camera is still at home and I'm waiting for it to get mailed to me.. but eventually I'll get to work on that too :) The course here is pretty tough, but fun and challenging at the same time :) IN a few weeks I'll have finished my National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Basic level course (EMT-B) and then I'll be moving on to the combat side.. giving care under fire.. advanced life support.. all that fun stuff that the legal system won't let me do in the civilian world.. I've already successfully given an IV, but it would take nearly a year of extra school to be "certified" to do an IV on a patient in the civilian world.. it's kinda stupid, but whatever.. if somebody really needed one in a life-threatening situation I would probably break the rules rather than watch them die like technically I should, but.. anyway.. I'm learning a LOT here!! I just passed my test on patient assessment/diagnostics but that's only the intro to those subjects, and I thought it was going to drown me in information!!! LOL anyway.. If I were a bit more intelligent it would be nice.. but anyway... We'll see how the rest goes..
I'm looking forward to coming home for Christmas! I'm a lot more grown-up than when I left, but otherwise I'll be the same for anyone who wonders.. and yes, I will still do stuff like ply tag with the kids and stuff.. it's just that I've learned that I don't know everything, and how to be more disciplined and stuff like that.. otherwise I'm still the same goofy me that I used to be :p me all "grown-up" would be like Tigger with no bouncing!! so nope, I'm not boringified ;) lol but anyway, I'd better get to bed! Wake-up at 4:15.. and that's sleeping in too!! :) so God-bless! and I'll be back hopefully soon whenever I get my iphone or next time I get the chance to get on otherwise ;)