Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July party

Last night I went to the Dalton's house for a big party they were having. We had TONS of fun, especially doing fireworks!! They had probably at least $300 worth of fireworks, and David Bauer, Matt McLuaughlin, Tom Dilly, and I lit them off. Also there was a really fun man there from Nigeria who was more excited about the fireworks than the kids were because they don't do fireworks over there. He got to light some off as well :)

here is a video of some of the fireworks we did. This was kinda the grand finale. We had a LOT of these kind of things there :) I got a really cool fountain (that's it in the first picture) that changed colors, and made stars, and bangs and all kinds of stuff like that, it was the best fountain there :) other than that I only had a few of the cool kind of fireworks there, mostly I was just lighting theirs.

We had lots of good food, and after our firework show we watched the Rolla city firework display which was about a mile or so away from their house. I had a really good time, though I wish more people had been there, because a lot of my best friends were doing other things :(
Anyway, that's basically it, I didn't get many pictures of the fireworks because I was the one lighting a lot of them off..