Sunday, February 8, 2009

Video time! Drunk people are awesome.. :)

I edited the "words" out of this, so that's why it will have weird sounds in it.. lol
It kinda sucks that people have to cuss so much, for one thing it makes editing a pain!!!! :p Anyway, I'm keeping busy with training, and having some fun :) I've been doing a little more with people lately.. shopping, restaurants, riverwalk etc. Also been doing a little more bible study, praying and reading stuff.. watched a few good movies, and caught up on some much-needed sleep!!!
Anyway, as I get closer to finishing up my training and head home, I open up a new world of opportunities for the years ahead.. my choices are limitless, but I have to pick the right one.. I hate it when that happens... I guess though whenever tough decisions come up I always like it, because I see them as a challenge and know that through Christ I will always make the right choice no matter how much Satan wants to entice me to choose otherwise.
Well, hope you like the video!! The others were even funnier, but I didn't want to edit all the words out of a 15 minute vid...
God Bless!!