Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Summertime, and that means.. ATV superfun!

Well, on saturday I took our brush-hog over to my papa's house and we welded it back since it broke over at the Riefers. While I was there, I also borrowed his atv that he lets me use. It was like 4:15 when I left there, and I had to be to rolla by 5:00, so I hurried home, took a quick shower because I was really dirty, then headed off to town. Got there at 4:57.. good timing eh?? lol

Yesterday afternoon I took "the beast" out and had fun! here's some pix.. sorry they're not the best ones ever.. all my good jumps got missed.This is a pretty decent jump shot.. ususally I went higher, but we never had the camera ready then.. I had to sort through like a hundred pix to find these ;) it's kinda hard to catch something going 40+ mph.. lol

ok, this would be a cool shot if I were in the pic!! :)

This might give a better Idea how high I go.. it's about 6 ft off the ground, and to make it more exciting we have built a pond right below the jump so if you miss not only will you probably get hurt, but you'll get wet too! lol it's a good thing I never miss... :)
Now this time was a very rare riding session... no, not that I rolled, but that I only rolled once. I've gotten to the place where I'll probably never get hurt from a sideways roll because I do it so much :) Actually I only roll when I'm out doing stunts or something, and expecting to roll. Here's a shot of me just leaving the jump :)

sorry these videos are not very good... but they're all I have right now..