Sunday, May 18, 2008

Movie night!!

Tonight my youth group and a bunch of my other friends went to see the movie "Prince Caspian" I thought it was a really good movie, but mostly I went to hang out with my friends. unfortunately, nobody wanted to hang out apparently, because everybody left like really soon after the movie... so basically I got to say hi, and bye to a few people... not my idea of the best fun night ever.. but I still had a pretty good time :) For some reason all of our group decided to sit randomly all over the theater instead of together, so I didn't even get to sit next to my friends... oh well... ;) at least I got plenty of popcorn from little miss popcorn girl ;p
I'll put up a review of the movie on my movie blog later. If you haven't been to my movie blog yet, just go to Matthew's Movie Corner
Well, thanks for putting up with my dry and boring blog posts! I seem to always be tired when I get the chance to blog around... lol