Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Me being me!

Yup, this is me! I'm such a kid! And a crazy one at that! I can't
really help it though.. with all the seriousness of my fast track to
the full-blown adult world sometimes I need to just act like a kid and
do goofy things without caring what people think :) I will never be a
boring grown up.. I'm too outgoing and crazy to ever do that! On the
other hand, I'm not the stupid teen I was a year ago.. Anyway, a cold
front came through here today, it was 45 this afternoon and now it's
like 35!! If it's below 30 everything all around closes down! Even on
post! So I might get a day off tomorrow, but I'm not sure. Anyway,
here's the pix of me, hope you like it... ;p God bless you! ~me

Me :)

Hey all, just thought I'd say hey, so.. Hey!! ;) anyway I'm going to
be doing massive rapid trauma assessments again today, which is really
fun! Unfortunately I still haven't been cleared to get a camera in
there so I'll not have any pix, but basically it's just a bunch of
different dummies that they have fake blood and wounds that we have to
treat in a set amount of time while an instructor yells at us to hurry
up.. LOL
Anyway, that's what I'm up to.
So, here's a picture of my new haircut.. I really liked how it turned
out, so this is how I think I'll keep it ;) I'll try to get some more
pix up later, but now I need to head down to formation for pt.. So, bye!