Friday, January 2, 2009

Tess has a gun!!

LOL tess wanted me to do a fun pix of her, so I did some editing on this pix I had of her.. :)
If you'd like one done, I have plenty of time to do fun stuff to pix of you, just let me know!!
I'm kinda practicing for when I'm in college and I'm doing photography on the side for extra cash :)

back to work

Well, I'm back in Texas now, and thought I'd let anybody who was wondering know that I made it :)
I had a great time at home, wish I had had more time to hang out with everybody, but I have a job to do, so here I am.
Thank you everybody that let me chill out with you and stuff like that.. I'd better go start putting all my stuff back away and such. So ttfn!

Partayy! ;P

This is a kinda boring video from a not so boring party.. I was just goofing around and seeing where the dirt specks were on my lens.. but make sure to look close at David's face toward the end of the video.. I watched it like 10 times after seeing that :) it's awesome :)

The little girls dancing

I thought that the little girls looked really cute dancing by themselves :)
I sat out on quite a few dances to just watch people :)

Anyway, I'm at the airport now waiting for my flight that doesn't leave until 8:10, so I have about an hour of down time here.
I'm glad that I've only got two more months until my training is over :) :)
but for now I'm still headed back to "prison" for a while... and that's not so cool.. haha well, I'm going to try to upload a few more videos now, so ttfn!