Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This time of year has always been a happy one for me, and this year is no exception. This past year I've lost much of who I am, the hills of life have pulled me down, people who I trusted turned against me, love became empty and lifeless, but I've found myself again. As I ponder the gift of love God has given us, I realize how much love there is in my life and although the pain and difficulties have been hard on my soul, I've risen again and am truly happy this holiday season. I've found one who loves me for me, faults, craziness, dumb moments, hurtful things I've done, they all slip away into the shadows and the real me is back again. Gone are those who's "love" is simply for selfish desires and taking everything I am from me. This time I mean to keep myself, and only become a more full and happy version, rather than forming my personality to someone else's. For those of you who don't know, I'm dating a lovely young woman who actually trusts and cares for me, just as I am.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Did a few more mods on my car. How's it look?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wow.. has it really flown by this fast??

I can't believe that I've neglected blogging for so long! Life has really grabbed me and dragged me into the full scale adult life!!
So... for those of you looking for an update to ensure I'm still alive, here goes!
Well, for one thing, I'm sure most of you know about my new baby sister, who now lives in Lawton Oklahoma. She was born June 22nd. Her name is Karissa Raquel. Sorry about the terrible quality, but here's the only picture I've got right now
Moving on, sad to say, my mustang had to be retired due to the cost of up keeping it, and the ridiculous price at the pump these days. It has been replaced with a 2005 Dodge SRT-4, which, although I do miss the convertible, I actually like my new car a lot better!! it has 4 doors, so I can take more people with me, it's smaller, lighter, and gets 28 mpg on the highway! (compared to 17-20 from the 'stang) The SRT-4 is black, which means it gets hot, but thankfully the A/C works really well. So well in fact, if I turn it up all the way, and it blows on my hands while I'm driving it makes them hurt from the cold! Here's a picture ;P

Anyway, in other news..
Since early this year I've been working at PCRMC in the laboratory as a phlebotomist and specimen processor. I'm sure you're asking "can you say that in English??" so.. a phlebotomist is somebody who draws blood. Technology has come a long ways, and they can pretty much figure out everything that's wrong with you just from your blood, so basically everybody who comes into the hospital has to have their blood drawn, usually several times. SO, its my job to pull out needles and terrify children!! JK!!! lol I usually do pretty good with the kids, even when they're terrified of needles :D Also, a big part of what I do is receive specimens of all sorts from all over the hospital, enter them into the computer system, spin things down on the centrifuge, and take them to the part of the lab they need to go to.
On top of that, I'm working part time whenever I get the chance at Von Ameris K-9 in salem with Ashley Riefer and Alyssa McCluskey. And to add to that, I still am pretty busy with my military duties, since lately I've had two AT's (two weeks of annual training) and been doing double drills, which means pretty much every single weekend I'm either at drill, or working at the hospital.
School starts up this coming monday.. not sure I'm really looking forward to it, but.. oh well..
I'm really wanting to find time in my busy life to make sure I'm not loosing the things I love. Being a grown-up isn't really all that fun at times.. SO, for those still not quite there who are reading this blog, PLEASE take advantage of the time while you've got it, before you know it you're going to be suddenly realizing that "free-time" doesn't exist, and all the fun things you used to do you don't have time for anymore. Bills are always due, and it always seems like I get more bills than paychecks!!
So anyway, if you're wondering why you never see me anymore, thats why :(

Hmm.. as to an inspiring morel to the post.. well, I can't say I have one, but I do want to make sure all of you know I'm still alive, still love life, and will be more than glad to cut a chunk out of all the hustle and bustle to stop and smell the flowers :)
Something I really love to do is go to the lake that's near my house, and get out on my kayak and enjoy nature and all the beauty of God's creation!
Hmm.. pictures.. let's see.... well, here's a picture of a blackhawk that flew over my house the other day.. it was pretty cool!

I must be going now, work calls..
I will try to stay a bit more updated on here though.
Also, if you would like more regular updates, be sure to visit my facebook profile, and don't forget to drop by my photography business page These Moments In Time
peace out!! Give me a call, comment, email, text message, facebook me, or something!! I'm still alive and well and always looking to try to make time for fun things or to help somebody out if they need it!
Bye now ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skillet!! Best. Band. EVER!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Well everybody.. I'm pretty busy.. sorry.. Let's see.. well for starters, most of you know that I've moved into an apartment just outside rolla, I sold my motorcycle, got a blazer and a 4-wheeler instead, I'm taking college classes still, I'm incredibly busy, and life is average :)

So.. the details.. well I haven't taken any pictures lately, I'll have to do that!! My 4-wheeler is fun, you should come over to ride it! While you're at it, you can come over to watch movies, eat food out of my fridge, study, or whatever! lol

So.. I need something fun to do.. umm any ideas??

anyway, I'd better go.. I'm supposed to be doing chemistry.. lol

later folks!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

my ride :)