Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wow!! two posts in one day!! to use Colin's language- that's epic sick and gnarly dude!

This weekend I will be making up my lost time since drill was cancelled for this month. I'm really t'd off about it, because drill is actually kinda fun, but now I have to work in a recruiter's office carrying boxes and stuff instead... oh well. At least the pay is awesome :) 
Sometime I'll get a picture of me in uniform and post it on here.. in the meantime I'll work on getting that temporary green hair dye and mohawk my hair and dye it green and take a picture of that and put it on here.. ;p sorry, I know it'll look stupid, but I can't resist doing it to see the look on people's faces!!! ;)
 Oh yea, and then probably like tomorrow or tuesday/wednesday of next week I'll be helping to fix the broken door on Papa and Jeannie McCluskey's house. 

Today I am going to be working on tearing off a roof in Rolla. Actually, I'd better get going because I'm supposed to be there at 7:30, and I haven't eaten any breakfast.. 

Well, God Bless you! especially if you are reading this blog!!