Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Sunday, April 12, 2009

We are the pirates, who don't do anything, we just stay at home, and lie around.. lol come to the play!! it is the bomb-diggity and the bee's knees!!!

there it is. you should come.

Well, I took over 550 pictures this past saturday of the Pirates of Penzance dress rehearsal, but here are a few.. I'm really looking forward to seeing this play, although now I've pretty much seen it all.. :) I found out I could probably have been in it after all, but oh well.

Hmmm.. I recognize that look..

They are all noble men gone wrong..

ok.. this is why ninjas are better than pirates.

it's a good thing it's only a play or this guy might have a sore face.. lol!

What??? don't you dance around in a nightgown in the middle of the night?? I thought everybody did that..

I think he's a pirate who don't do anything.. or maybe he's jack sparrow in disguise??

What was that???

a VERY brave-looking policeman..

Wow.. I think every picture I take of jacob he looks more and more intelligent.

Not to brag, but I really think this is an awesome picture..

don't ask don't tell..

Well guys aren't supposed to say a dress is pretty.. but I have to say this one is quite attractive, and you couldn't ask for a better model either.

My dear Frederic.. don't go!

well you see..

don't move or I'll shoot!!! these parasols are loaded!! ha!

Real men carry parasols. Back off.

Aaaaaaaa!! lol

The model of a modern major-general..